But in daily use on real world roads, where it might be cloudy or sunny, 
where trees and structures often shade the streets?  Ehhhh, I don't think 

And as I showed before, based on the energy consumption and PV output 
specifications provided for this vehicle, the claim is just not credible on 
its face.

Sorry, I'm not buying it.  

Build one and prove me wrong.

Well it's like any EV.  You use it as is and see what it can do.  However it 
did win the challenge.  I did see it go up the coast near my house...the hill 
climbing is impressive in itself.  It won't win any speed contests but if it 
started a hill on Route 1 at 80mph it finished at 80.  However if it got stuck 
at the bottom at a beach entrance you'd spend more time climbing for sure.  
That said since it is a winner see what it can do.  EVen in Ohio you get a fair 
amount of sunlight.  You are not going 500 miles EVery day.  My relatives have 
big cars that go maybe 10 miles a day.  Yes I was born in OHIO.  So the rolling 
hills and partly cloudy skys would still allow this vehicle to be more than 
practical.  BTW the doors hinge up and are doors.  The cab is completely sealed 
but not hermetically just aerodynamically.  EVen if you had a vehicle with half 
the capability.  It would be a better EV than anyone on the list has now!.  
Lawrence Rhodes
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