Well DUH!  Your Prius is no where big enough or efficient enough to take 
advantage of a system like that and get any real range.  Now put that on lets 
say a bicycle and well you'd get a hundred miles...Right tool for the right 
job. (you'd have to pedal too) Lawrence Rhodes..

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>Subject: Re: [EVDL] Building a true road going solar EV. Help everyone.
>I have 200W of solar panels on the roof of my Prius.  Did it in 2007.  THen 
>realized, why in the world waste time with 15 SqFt of solar panels on the roof 
>of my car when I have 1500 sqft on the roof of my house!
>And, in 2013, the cost of 250W home-roof top panels only cost $200 compared to 
>the $2400 cost of the ones on my car roof (that can bend to fit the roof).  
>The cost of HOME solar panels is down to $0.70 a Watt.  The cost of the small 
>scale car roof panels REMAIN at $10/watt.  
>So to me, the TEN times cost of putting solar on the 15 sqft of car roof 
>compared to the 100 TIMES larger area on my house tells me it is ONE THOUSAND 
>times more cost effective to put solar panels on my House roof compared to on 
>the roof of the car.
>Sure, I can brag that I pickup 1 km of FREE car range for each hour parked in 
>the summer sun, but I can also get that  for FREE when I plug into my home 
>solar for just 5 minutes.
>Been there, don't that.  The T-shirt wasn't worth it.
>See the car:  http://aprs.org/my-EVs.html
>Bob, WB4APR
>On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 6:51 PM, Lawrence Rhodes via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org> 
>It seems that the numbers don't lie.  There is now a proven design which will 
>allow you very good range with a small battery pack and good speed.  The 
>Stella.  My next project after the electric motorcycle will be a road going 
>vehicle with a top of solar panels.  The Stella proves ugly is good at least 
>for a family solar car.  I'm going to build mine using a Leaf battery pack.  
>It will be heavier than the Stella and have more battery capacity  but that is 
>not set in stone.I will make a tear drop tube frame and cover it using light 
>plastic or abs sheet.  The vehicle will look like a tadpole with a wide tail.  
>The Stella proves you can have a very blunt front edge and still have 
>efficient CD.  I'll use four hub motors.   Seating for four or 6 will be 
>slightly recumbent.  Small space in rear for storage.  It will be very similar 
>to the Stella in looks but a lot simpler.  I don't want to reinvent the wheel. 
> It would be nice if it could cruise at 25 or
>> thirty mph and still charge the battery.    However I'd be happy if it would 
>> charge in a day of bright sunlight and have a 200 mile range.  Now to source 
>> the parts.  That's where the group can help.  The Stella used individual 
>> solar panels laminated into the roof of the vehicle.  What is the best to 
>> use to get at least 1.2kw?  Bicycle hub motors.  What are the most efficient 
>> for the money?  Using four if they are all 10000 watt motors this should do 
>> the job for freeway speeds.  A Rudman charger of some sort unless the solar 
>> panels are enough.  Simple disc brakes when not using regen.  I'll be making 
>> the frame from bicycle chromoly.  I'm going to try to get Zzipper to make 
>> the windshield..  All comments are welcome.  Lawrence Rhodes
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