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> My truck cruises at around 30KW at 60mph.  A 10KW generator isn't going to 
> extend the range much at all.

Did I slip a decimal?

500 Wh / mile and 50 MPH (for easy numbers) is 2 miles per kWh is 25 kWh for an 
hour...or 25 kW.

I guess I did slip a decimal...sorry!

However, a pickup truck with, say, a 50 kW or even a 100 kW onboard generator 
(to add back the missing decimal) is going to be able to power much more than a 
small construction site and be that much more desirable to people who actually 
_use_ such vehicles. That, of course, is a rather different class of people 
from those who typically _buy_ them...it's a depressingly common irony to see 
impeccably-dressed people step out of immaculate huge trucks and SUVs and hand 
the keys to a valet at an expensive restaurant.

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