Christopher Darilek wrote:

> I'm ready to upgrade my charger connector.  Right now I'm using NEMA plugs
> on the ends of pig tails under the hood (I have to open my hood 2x a
> day).  My charge rate is 18A @100V (reduced to not melt said plugs).  I
> think I need 5 connections:  +100V, battery ground, +12V, chassis ground,
> and BMS output to turn the charger Off.  I'd like for the connector to be
> accessible without opening the hood.  What do ya'll use?  Any ideas?

I'd suggest Anderson PowerPole connectors for this:


My first EV also used a large offboard transformer-type charger (Lester), and 
also required both pack voltage and 12V connections between the vehicle and 
charger.  It used a 4-pole PowerPole configuration for this.  In my case, the 
charger needed to see 12V from the vehicle to turn on its output.

You can choose different colours to color-code each contact according to 
purpose, and Anderson sells housings to allow the vehicle side connector to be 
mounted behind a fuel filler door, or somewhere else convenient and to allow 
the off board connector to be covered and treated as a 'paddle'.

This way there is no risk of future confusion resulting in something other than 
the intended charger being connected to the vehicle, and you have a connector 
system rated to make/break DC (which a re-purposed AC connector may not be).



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