Michael Ross wrote:

> You are correct it is a form of accelerated life testing, but very
> different from traditional testing for Li ion batteries. Almost
> unrecognisable in comparison.

Perhaps this is true of some more recent test regimen he has adopted; what he 
described in the presentation I'm referring to was the use of high precision 
measurements of the coulombic efficiency to allow prediction of the lifetime 
based on measurements made over the course of days or weeks rather than months 
or years.

Measuring the coulombic efficiency requires cycling the cell(s), as what one is 
interested in is how much of the energy delivered to the cell on each charge 
cycle is *not* recovered on the subsequent discharge.

> I don't know about the AABC meeting.  Do you know if there is a video or
> transcript available?

The presentation I am referring to was the keynote address at the Large Lithium 
Ion Battery Technology and Application (LLIBTA) Symposium as part of the 2012 
Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC).  I expect that the organisers 
would be more than happy to sell you a copy of the LLIBTA 2012 proceedings:




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