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> What it comes to better electrolytes.. that is HARD! The testing cycle to
> confirm lifetime and usability is way too long. Accelerated aging tests are
> not the same at all to real life use.

And on that note, see https://goo.gl/xoQKha

Instead of lithium, researchers at UC Irvine have used gold nanowires to
> store electricity, and have found that their system is able to far outlast
> traditional lithium battery construction. The Irvine team's system cycled
> through 200,000 recharges without significant corrosion or decline.

> However, they don't exactly know why. The original idea of the experiment
> was to make a solid-state battery: one that uses an electrolyte gel, rather
> than liquid, to help hold charge. Liquid batteries, like the common lithium
> variety, are extremely combustible and sensitive to temperature. The Irvine
> team was experimenting by substituting a much thicker gel.

> "We started to cycle the devices, and then realized that they weren't
> going to die," said Reginald Penner, a lead author of the paper. "We don't
> understand the mechanism of that yet."
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