EVLN: i3 EV lessee found lowered ad's range# after purchase>
(deviousness) (v)
A BMW driver is accusing the company of overselling the performance
capabilities of one of its electric vehicles, then changing its online
advertising after the car ...
EVLN: 200+mi iconic VW Beetle EV> perfect to regaining U.S. buyers’ hearts&
Op-Ed: The Volkswagen Beetle deserves a third chance…as an EV
Somewhat thankfully, the black cloud (pun intended) of Dieselgate has forced
VW into a corner, one filled with lithium ion batteries and electric motors
EVLN: (convenience stores) using Electric (Mitsubishi Fuso) delivery
The electric trucks can reduce the operating costs of delivery vehicles by
approximately 40% compared to the diesel ones currently used. By employing
electric ...

EVLN: Polaris recall> 1,254 GEM nEV front wheels will fall-off/detach
Polaris recalls GEM electric vehicles for loose wheel lug nuts
 ... recalling 1,254 GEM electric vehicles, because the front steel wheel
lug nuts may come loose. This condition could cause the front wheel to
detach ...
More-CT SuperEVSE installed while Tesla battles dealerships' megamillion$
monopoly (v)
Tesla opens up new electric car charging station in Milford
In the middle of its battle over the right to sell its cars in Connecticut,
Tesla opened up a new electric car charging station in Milford on Friday ...
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