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On 05/15/2017 04:09 PM, Jay Summet via EV wrote:
I haven't done it, but I figured defeating the "don't run while
charging" feature would not be a big deal.

It would depend upon where the interlock is located. Because the (2013+) Leafs have the charger as part of the power distribution unit (on top of the inverter/motor stack), it may be that the charger talks directly to the inverter and shuts it down when charging.

However, if the "don't move, I'm charging" feature is done via the CAN bus, it may be that by sniffing on the CAN bus you could find the "I'm Currently Charging" message and "stomp" on it so the rest of the vehicle wouldn't "know" that the charger was charging, and would operate normally.

However, I think it may be much more difficult to override than you think.

(On the 2011/2012 leafs, with their separate chargers, it may be very easy to do....)

 You don't need to keep the car moving with the 3kw or
6kw charging power.  The 1-2 hours the main battery lasts can be used to
put in up to 12 kwh.  Half a charge or another ~50 miles.  You could
carry an onboard 48v charger and supply it downstream from the J1772

This is a good point, you could certainly gain 50% range.


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