How about using a front end cut from a Prius as a trailer? Keep the drive 
shafts etc, everything just as it is. Then, it is a pusher trailer plus charger 
with extra regen braking too. There would be a number of ways of doing this, if 
you want it simple, don't use MG2 Just MG1, and  control the throttle position 
to control charging current? This will control torque at the same time, maybe 
even rig up a tow hitch control over throttle, like a trailer brake in reverse?

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Thanks to those who replied to my inquiry.  My instinct is that a real engineer 
with familiarity of the cars design would be needed to pull this off.  

David Roden  makes some very interesting points.  He points out that the 
emissions are high for less regulated motors. The pollutants that he sites are 
CO, NMHC + NOx.  This certainly give me pause for moving forward.  CO2 is 
definitely a motivator for me.  The emissions for this are gallons (10% 
ethanol) typical x 19#CO2/gal (epa website ).  

I have evaluated the actual gas mileage using David’s metric of m/kwh x speed 
to determine kwh/h or kw of continuous power.  I would need 14.3 kw generator.  
Using this 15 kw generator
 I end up with a mere 18.75 mpg not accounting for the reduced m/kwh for the 
trailer.  Our Honda Element (2nd car) gets 25 mpg.  The trailer would only make 
environmental sense if we can go back to using renewable energy while we are at 
the destination. My figures are pasted in from spreadsheet below.   

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