Hi EV List

I own a Nissan Leaf.  It is a great car.  I get 4.2 miles/kwh of battery and 80 
mile range for 24 kwh battery.  I believe this is better than the plug in 
hybrid, though I do not know.  This works perfect for local trips where 80 
miles is plenty and the car can be recharged slowly overnight.  However, I sure 
would love to drive it to visit my family who are much beyond this range.  

What if we created a trailer that would have a generator with sufficient 
capacity to charge the battery while traveling distances beyond the 80 miles.  
Likely, I would loose some mileage with the extra weight.  However, once at the 
destination, the trailer could be detached and I can go back to being an all 
electric vehicle.  

A simple idea that I am sure is not that simple.  However, if I purchased an 
off the shelf generator that could charge at level 2 Charge Rate 1.41 kW - 6.16 
kW, I could use the standard plug, perhaps relocating the female to where the 
front flap would not need to be open.  One problem that may be beyond my 
engineering skills is safely allowing the car to charge while in motion.  
Currently, the car will not start if the plug is connected.  I am sure this is 
a feature meant to prevent people from inadvertently driving away with the 
chord plugged in.  However, once I start messing with the engineered product, I 
could get into trouble.  

This list has a lot of smart people.  Has anybody tried a similar concept?  

Eli Fishpaw
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