When people talk of performance EVs, they usually forget about performance
I have always had a keen interest in quick charging even in the old (90's)
days of PbSO4. I had 6 chargers on-board with their output tied in parallel.
With all of them on I could push 22+kW into my pack (I had the fore runner
of a l3 charging ability).

GM bullied Euro automakers into going their way away from using CHAdeMO to
using ccs combo l3 DC.
GM's Bolt as a maximum l3 charging ability of 80kW. Where most public l2
EVSE only offer 50kW.
When you read GM's pages, they spec a 80kW time.

I suggest you read


 and it's source


The charging rates are broken down to what a Bolt driver can expect from a
public 50kW l3 ccs EVSE.

If the ambient temps are optimal, the 0 to 50% SOC will be the highest
charging rate.
The 50% to 80%SOC will progressively taper slower, until at the 80% most
eVgo L3 EVSE will shut off.
Other ccs combo EVSE will allow you to charge at a slow rate to 100%, but
really at 80%SOC you really ought to move out of the l3 EVSE spot and to a
l2 EVSE spot if you feel you really need to charge to 100%SOC.

With today's larger amount of public L3 EVSE available, the fastest method
is to only charge to 80%, unplug and hit the highway to the next L3, charge
to 80% and repeat (never charging to 100% unless you had to because of the
large EVSE gap). After being on the road with multiple l3 charges, a slower
overnight charge while you sleep will help balance/stiffen your pack.

Tesla drivers have shown, the best method of re-conditioning your pack after
multiple l3 charging sessions (in their case using superchargers), was to
come home near 10%SOC and l2 charge overnight. They reported it took a long
time, but it made the pack stiffer, and helped reset the guessometer.

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