Larry, GM advertises 90 miles range in 30 minutes. But like I said about my 
Mitsubishi the car regulated the current based in the battery management 
system. Most of them slow down as they approach full. But if the range of a 
bolt is 240 miles or whatever the advertise, then it would take 2 hours and 40 
minutes. So I would say that's your best time but likely slower from empty to 
full since it will back off the current at some point. 

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> On May 21, 2017, at 9:53 PM, Larry Gales via EV <> wrote:
> This thread has providing some useful information about charging, but I am
> still left uncertain about the amount of time needed to charge the Chevy
> Bolt at a level 3 station.  I am considering getting a Bolt but before I do
> I need to have some (average) idea as to how long it will take.  I realize
> that will vary with the temperature and initial state of charge, but some
> rough average time would be useful.
> So, to go from  10% to 80% charge, are we looking at, say, 90 minutes, or 2
> hours, or what?
> Thanks,
> On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 5:35 PM, Cor van de Water via EV <>
> wrote:
>> Paul,
>> Maybe they confused "balanced" and "stiffened"? I don't know as I did
>> not read the Tesla driver's experience as there was no link provided.
>> As far as I know, the Tesla has ~24V modules (blades) with 6 series
>> connected herds of round cells (approx 6-7 dozen in parallel) and the
>> BMS only has access to each interconnect point between the cells, so 7
>> points in each module.
>> I do not know when the BMS is balancing, so if this only happens during
>> charging then I can see that a continuous cycle of 1/2 hour fast charges
>> may not provide enough balancing time to keep all cells properly
>> balanced, while a slow overnight charge may provide ample time and thus
>> make all cells behave more in line so there are fewer outliers, which
>> might resemble a stiffer pack (but it not actually stiffer as the
>> operation of the  cells is not affected, so they sag exactly as much as
>> before the balancing - only with less variation between cells!
>> The Leaf's BMS is powered 24/7 so it balances at all times, which is
>> also needed since the balancing current is extremely low (10mA)
>> So for the Leaf it makes no difference if you do a fast or slow charge,
>> the BMS has exactly as much time to balance (24 hours each day).
>> Hope this clarifies,
>> Cor.
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>> Subject: Re: [EVDL] @50kW: Chevy Bolt charge times with a level 3
>> charger
>> I don't know what stiffen the pack means. Sounds made up.
>> I did watch my car charge on a chademo charger though. I had 15 miles
>> range showing when it started. It said 27 minutes to charge. It started
>> at 100 amps. After about 8 minutes I was up to a 60% charge and it was
>> charging at 48 amps. It had steadily dropped as it charger. Not sure why
>> they do this but I suppose they don't want to overheat the cells.
>> I don't believe it's necessary based on my testing of LiFePO4 but maybe
>> these other chemistries heat more rapidly. At any rate chademo doesn't
>> use consistent power to charge if they did it would be much faster. I
>> don't know if ccs does the same thing.
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>>> On May 21, 2017, at 4:49 AM, brucedp5 via EV <>
>> wrote:
>>> When people talk of performance EVs, they usually forget about
>>> performance charging.
>>> I have always had a keen interest in quick charging even in the old
>>> (90's) days of PbSO4. I had 6 chargers on-board with their output tied
>> in parallel.
>>> With all of them on I could push 22+kW into my pack (I had the fore
>>> runner of a l3 charging ability).
>>> GM bullied Euro automakers into going their way away from using
>>> CHAdeMO to using ccs combo l3 DC.
>>> GM's Bolt as a maximum l3 charging ability of 80kW. Where most public
>>> l2 EVSE only offer 50kW.
>>> When you read GM's pages, they spec a 80kW time.
>>> I suggest you read
>>> ing-rate-in-2017-chevy-bolt-ev-electric-car
>>> and it's source
>>> html
>>> The charging rates are broken down to what a Bolt driver can expect
>>> from a public 50kW l3 ccs EVSE.
>>> If the ambient temps are optimal, the 0 to 50% SOC will be the highest
>>> charging rate.
>>> The 50% to 80%SOC will progressively taper slower, until at the 80%
>>> most eVgo L3 EVSE will shut off.
>>> Other ccs combo EVSE will allow you to charge at a slow rate to 100%,
>>> but really at 80%SOC you really ought to move out of the l3 EVSE spot
>>> and to a
>>> l2 EVSE spot if you feel you really need to charge to 100%SOC.
>>> With today's larger amount of public L3 EVSE available, the fastest
>>> method is to only charge to 80%, unplug and hit the highway to the
>>> next L3, charge to 80% and repeat (never charging to 100% unless you
>>> had to because of the large EVSE gap). After being on the road with
>>> multiple l3 charges, a slower overnight charge while you sleep will
>> help balance/stiffen your pack.
>>> Tesla drivers have shown, the best method of re-conditioning your pack
>>> after multiple l3 charging sessions (in their case using
>>> superchargers), was to come home near 10%SOC and l2 charge overnight.
>>> They reported it took a long time, but it made the pack stiffer, and
>> helped reset the guessometer.
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