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what would [be Goodenough's] motivation to make an outrageous or bogus
claim.  It is not like he is shopping his invention to venture

I doubt that he's doing anything like that.  But all kinds of bad things can
nuke a promising product between the lab and the marketplace...

Thanks David, for an excellent summary. And these are just *some* of the ways that promising new battery technologies have been kept from becoming mainstream.

There are many more as well! Besides the ones David mentioned, here are a few more examples that come to my mind: Bipolar lead-acid (Electrosource Horizon), nickel-cadmium (several manufacturers), nickel-zinc (Evercel), nickel-iron (Edison), and the zinc-chlorohydrate (Energy Development Associates).

The range numbers sound a lot like the Leaf's, don't they? It seems as if 20
years haven't really changed much in that respect, they've mostly just
brought the price down to affordable levels.

The price reduction is basically the result of manufacturing large enough quantities. It can be argued that lithium "won" because manufacturers found enough customers who were willing to pay an enormous price premium (laptop computers). That attracted investors, and paid for the R&D and factories to build them. Once this had been done, the price came down so they could expand into other markets (EVs).

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more
violent. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move
in the opposite direction. -- Albert Einstein
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