We are a four EV family now and that is two too many.  We want to donate our 
two EV conversions (we also have a 2013 Rav4-EV and a 2002 Rav4-EV that are our 
main vehicles) to a non-profit organization (we would like the tax deduction).  
We would prefer to donate to a school or school(s) that have an automotive 
program.  Second choice would be to a non-profit that will fix them up and use 
them.  We don’t want them going to an auction house where they would be sold 
for scrap or cannibalized for parts.  We have already done that with our old 
Windstar minivan (our last ICE car).

We had arranged to donate them to a school and did a lot of paperwork for the 
school to accept the donation, but the school never completed the process and 
came to pick them up.  Until about a year ago, we kept them charged and drove 
them a mile or two periodically and maintained while we waited for the school.  
After sitting for a year they undoubtedly will need some TLC.  They both ran 
and we had fixed everything that we knew was wrong (except a slow leak in one 
tire).  The odometer has been fixed in the Saturn. I don't know what the 
current range is. Both have all of the details on EVAlbum: 

We are about 40 minutes west of Santa Rosa in the redwood forests of Northern 
California.  They will need to be towed with a trailer or a dolly.  They are 
both currently registered with the DMV as EV’s and as non-operated vehicles. If 
you have any questions or are interested, feel free to drop me an email.


John Blair


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