David....While what you say is true it is also true that golfcart/forklift type 
of conversions are simple to troubleshoot but they are also prone to blown 
controllers.  One thing to do is hack Leaf packs to put into conversions of 
unusual vehicles.  I stopped my EV escapades when I got an estimate of 22k for 
batteries and BMS/charger for my Aspire.  I now have two Leafs for little more 
money.  I have been driving the State of California with my Leafs.  This is 
something I couldn't do with my conversions.  However with inexpensive Leaf 
packs available it is possible to revive some conversions and I think 
converting RV type vehicles may come into vogue.  
 is an example of a lead conversion which gives the owner great satisfaction.  
However there are plans to expand the range of this conversion to 150 miles and 
the solar array to 8kw.  Lawrence Rhodes
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