One month too late for a charitable tax deduction. No $500 for the donation of a car. :-(
Ask your tax professional, but I believe the law has just changed.
 Bill D.

On 1/28/2018 2:27 PM, John Blair via EV wrote:
We are a four EV family now and that is two too many.  We had arranged to 
donate them to several schools, but they never followed through to pick them 
up. Now it is time to move them on to new homes. We will give each of them 
away.  Priority will be given to the earliest pickup. Our only request is that 
a good faith effort be made to put them back on the road as working EV’s and 
not simply part them out.  If we wanted to do that, we could easily donate them 
to a local charity who would scrap them and we would get a $500 tax deduction 
for each of them.  Both cars are conversions (not done by me) that were done 
with careful attention to detail. They come with notes and manuals to help with 
the maintenance.

Until about a year ago, we kept them charged and drove them a mile or two 
periodically and maintained while we waited for the school. After sitting for a 
year or so outside covered in tarps, they undoubtedly will need some TLC.  They 
both ran and we had fixed everything that we knew was wrong (except a slow leak 
in one tire). The odometer has been fixed in the Saturn. I don't know what the 
current range is. Both have all of the details on EVAlbum:


We are about 40 minutes west of Santa Rosa in the redwood forests of Northern 
California.  They will need to be towed with a trailer or maybe a dolly.  They 
are both currently registered with the California DMV as EV’s and as 
non-operated vehicles. If you have any questions or are interested, feel free 
to drop me an email.

John Blair <>
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