Just to follow up on the thread I started about my Prius with add-on plug-in
battery pack.  As it turned out, I discovered that 40Ah replacement CALB,
Winston or Sinopoly batteries are made of Unobtanium in the US, and shipping
costs from overseas for a single battery are prohibitive.  So I followed the
advice of several on and off list suggestions (thank you) to buy a single
cell electronic charger, charge the suspect battery, and then load test it.  

This I did by charging the suspect battery separate from the pack until it
was about the voltage of its brothers, which is to say, still flat at about
3V.  At Robb's suggestion, I then charged the entire pack using the car's
ICE to charge the factory traction battery to full. Then I discharged that
energy into my add-on battery pack.  At that point pack V was high enough
that I could use the battery management system and system charger I have to
bring the pack to full charge and balanced voltage.

Since then I've run the battery pack from full to flat a few times, and run
between 2-40 miles on battery only, no problems.  So, fingers crossed, I
think I am back in business without replacing the suspect cell after all.

I think the problem may have been that I ran the add-on battery pack a bit
beyond flat, to the point that pack V and some individual cell voltages were
low enough that the BMS would not allow me to charge the pack using my
on-board charger.  In the future I'll switch the system off as soon as it
runs out of juice, so I can safely charge using the BMS. 

Thanks again for your help,

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