My little trailer has 800W on the roof and is grid tied while it's in the
driveway. I went with this inverter due to the size of the array:

I got tired of unscrewing wires from the big terminal strips (12-32 screws,
who did that??) so I could adjust for different amounts of sun when keeping
the lead-acid batteries topped up. Now I have a bank of DPST switches from
the auto parts store so each panel can go the the charge controller or to
the grid tie inverter. I'd sure like to find a circuit to selectively
switch the panels over based on battery voltage... In summertime a 50W
panel will fill the batts each day after I heat my coffee in the microwave.
That's a second inverter that just takes 12V and makes 120VAC for the
microwave. Had to use my EV battery cable making skills for the 1 or 2 AWG
wires feeding that!

Stand alone the loads are the microwave and refrigerator (10A almost
continuously), plus LED lights, radio and a few fans, one of which is in
the refrigerator vent and another is in the roof vent. Both those fans will
come on if it gets too hot and on hot days it took about 100W to keep the
batts up. Still hit 100 degrees inside. Time for new screens...

On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 7:24 PM, Robert Bruninga via EV <>

> > Solar RV.
> > I saw this and realized our solar future is very close.
> motorhome-dethleffs-camper Lawrence Rhodes
> It brags of 3 kW of solar arrays, but that is on all sides.  Only one side
> will see sun so the max power is about 1 kW max.  And the panels on the
> door and openable panels are not real, since the edges do not even include
> complete cells.
> Also I question the logic of cells on the bottom of the front overhang.  A
> lot of hype....  but is the future.
> ANYTHING that sits in the sun allday should have solar panels on it.  Grid
> tie while sitting int he driveway and battery when camping.
> I just bought a grid-tie inverter designed for 12v solar panels for $67
> bucks.  But it is only good for 12v panels (Peak voltage of 28v max).  They
> did not say that in the add, just called it a 300W GT inevrter.  So I had
> to order another one that was 20-60 VDC that is good for the more common
> home solar panels.
> Bob
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