I met these folks earlier this year at the Junction Texas SuperCharger:

They were really enjoying life. Traveling ambassadors for Tesla and EVs in general. Pulling that teardrop cut their range from ~250 miles to probably less than 150. In addition to having the SuperCharger to SuperCharger jumps a bit iffy, they went many places where there were no SuperChargers. Their primary charging was in RV parks though they carried a wide variety of adapters so they could more slowly charge about anywhere. With the teardrop, they could be VERY comfortable while waiting out a charge. The PV on the teardrop was about 800 watts, as I recall. It was used primarily for 12v charging (some LFP cells on the tongue). The 12v was primarily for trailer use but, in a pinch, they could do a little car charging. I figure as much as about 5kwh per day.

Soon after I got my Tesla, I bought a much smaller teardrop thinking I would do similar slow traveling and wait out RV park charges. The range reduction was more than expected and I never used it for that purpose. In addition, SuperChargers proliferated FAR wider and FAR faster than I expected. At the time I bought my teardrop (out of Wisconsin), I had to make the jump from the SuperCharger in Corsicana Texas to the one in Normal Illinois, putting about four RV park stops between.
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