Nope, the Volt with its 50 mile EV range and 350 mile overall range is
ideal for me.  My daily use is about 32 miles so I drive exclusively on
electricity from my home solar.  Yet we can go to gramma's at the drop of
a hat which is 150 miles away too.  All for only the $12k like-new
purchase price for the 3 year old off-lease VOLT.  Ain't no BEV that could
do that.


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Well, you could have used something else zero emission if you had it
instead of your PIH (and create a bit less pollution than a full ICE), but
again, your use is unfortunately not typical.

> On Nov 14, 2017, at 3:39 PM, Robert Bruninga via EV <>
> Ive only used 7 gallons of gas in my PIH Volt.  But today, I had to go
> to a meeting 25 miles away.  No problem.  I just drove.  Gas engine
> kicked in as needed.  Yes, I used another gallon and a half of gas,
> but then if I had not had a PIH, I could not have gone to the meeting.
> Bob
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> Mark Abramowitz via EV wrote:
>> I don't get why people get so excited about PIHs.
Please discuss EV drag racing at NEDRA (

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