Hello Everyone

I finally made the jump and purchased my 5th but more importantly- road
legal EV, a 2017 Chevrolet Volt!  I purchased it used in another province
1200 km away as there are no incentives in my province of Nova Scotia.  I
couldn't buy it new but the used vehicles in Quebec reflect that incentive
of over $8K.  I am enjoying the vehicle much even though Nova Scotia is far
behind in charging infrastructure.  Charging stations are few and far
between (our international airport has 1 station)  but the worse I see is
the ICE parking in those few EV spots.  I consult at a place where they
have an unbelievable amount of stations locally (3) but almost always they
are filled with ICE vehicles!  I actually was able to stop an ICE vehicle
from taking the last spot one day - In a Canadian style argument, I simply
asked if I he could move so I could park and charge.  He graciously agreed
and apologized, citing that he has only seen one EV ever park there.
 Unfortunately I can't have that argument if the owner isn't there.   What
can I do to change this?  I have thought about printing off a few sheets
and placing them on windshields with something like this:


Your vehicle is parked in a designated electric vehicle charging/parking
location.  Your license plate has been recorded.  Further infractions
against parking in this location with a non-electric vehicle may result in
your vehicle being ticketed or towed.



Probably a little too drastic?  I am trying to engage the building manager
but have not reached them yet.  I fear they may not hold any weight to my
arguments anyway as policing parking spaces doesn't sound like high merit.
Any other ideas?


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