With more efficient panels that length is reduced to 60 ish feet.  Lawrence 

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The consumption rate is 12.2 kWh plus losses. 
So a 15kW panel should do it? (Is this right? )
Some quick googling suggests 100-110 square meters. 1100 sq ft or so.  8' wide 
and 130' long. 
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Hi all,
My math is good enough to figure out I get about my 30kw Leaf gets 4.5 miles 
per kw at 55mph more or less depending on wind.  What I'd like to know is what 
size solar panel would be needed to support that speed.  Now don't tell me it 
can't be done.  I just want to know the formula for figuring it out.  My puny 
brain exploded when I thought of all the variables.  I do know that a 3000 watt 
system would charge my car in 10 hours.  I would just like to know the numbers 
of what would be needed for continuous power at speed.  I guesstimated it would 
be about 10000 watts.  I'd just like the exact number.  Thanks,  Lawrence 
Rhodes...the point is to build a teardrop solar range extender/RV that could 
charge while driving.
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