Okay, so with 12.2 kW at 55 mph, he ONLY needs about 600 square meters of PV area to recharge on the run. Still impractically big, nicht wahr?

Marc de Piolenc

On 12/29/2017 2:44 PM, ev-requ...@lists.evdl.org wrote:
Iam afraid you are not making the Leaf specification situation better.
When Lawrence says he has a 30kW battery, he means 30 kWh.
That is a 2016 Leaf with the improved battery (normal was 24 kWh).
All Leafs have a 90 kW rating IIRC, meaning that they can accelerate
with the
motor producing up to 90kW of power.
Standard freeway driving takes about 15kW, Lawrence is apparently
capable of using only 12.2 kW while mainining 55 MPH on the freeway
by doing 4.5 mi/kWh.

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