Rush Dougherty via EV wrote:
If you're maximizing your 'efficiency' then why use plywood? Nobody that is
trying to increase strength and lower weight using plywood anymore, they use
Carbon Fiber. So spend a few extra $k and invest in a trailer that will weight
10lbs to hold your 2kw array.

Quality plywood has a pretty good strength-to-weight ratio, and it's easy to work with. It's kind of a natural composite.

Carbon fiber is stronger, but also brittle, expensive and harder to work with. Whether it makes sense depends on your budget, the design of the trailer, and how rigid a support the PV panels need. With a huge lightweight trailer, I suspect you'd want to avoid glass panels in favor of something a lot more flexible, in which case plywood might work OK.

But overall, I still think I'd avoid a trailer, and put them on the vehicle itself.

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