Gen 1 Leafs may make good candidates for battery pack retrofits IF someone
figures out how to keep the car happy with the replacement pack using
better cells with higher energy density.

Compared to traditional ICE conversions...a lot of useful hardware is
already in place, but using that hardware means keeping OEM control
electronics happy, possibly via simulated inputs.

Leaf cars are pretty solid otherwise. (Well, IIRC, there are some reports
from ~2012/2013 in the Leaf forums of diodes failing in the onboard charger
when used with some early EVSEs that turned out to be incompatible.)

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I am thinking, it all depends on what is acceptable range? 50% loss over 5
years, so in a year it's 40%, 2 year 30%, so probably not worth paying
NZ$10k (US$6,600) for?

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> Is this not the case with lithium?  Is a lithium battery with 68% of spec
> capacity still considered usable?

There are a LOT of Leafs driving around with less than 50%.  Nissan
invariably tells the owners that it is normal and to be expected.

I haven't seen, or had direct knowledge of, a Tesla going below about
90%.  However, Tesla repairs/replaces a lot of batteries presumably
because of dead cells or other problems that the owners may not notice.
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