The BMS and Charger came the other day way earlier than promised. Both 
packages came from an address no more than 10 miles from my house....maybe 
there are stockpiles in the US? But why would they say from China using speed 
pack.  Any way no instructions came with the package. The BMS looks 
professionally manufactured. Has a 5 and 20 pin connector. It is the size of a 
small smart phone and very heavy. I have no idea how to hook up the negative. 
The diagram(on ebay) assumes a lot of knowledge I don't have.  I am not even 
sure I can safely start this project.
 If this is a common BMS with maybe a video somewhere that might help me. Maybe 
someone here has used this model.  About all I know is the 20 pins go on each 
parallel connection of which there will be 20. The P will be two. Plenty for a 
small battery for a bicycle. But documentation in the form of diagrams is 
lacking.  But for the money if I can figure it out not bad.  Lawrence Rhodes

    On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 7:42:45 PM PDT, Lawrence Rhodes 
<> wrote:  
 Below is my order and a few bucks for buyer protection. This will be an 
experiment and learning experience. Lawrence Rhodes

Order details
Sales order

Sold by zhan-lingj ( 383 ) Order number: ???????????Processed by PayPal

Estimated delivery Monday, Jun 29, 2020 - Friday, Aug 21,2020

60V/73V 5A Charger for 60V (20S ) LiFePO4 BatteryPack/E-BIKE.AC110V 73V OUTPUT

Item price            USD25.95

Quantity              1

Item number       173860920788

Shipping service                EconomyShipping from outside US

Sales order

Sold by elec-module58 ( 14539 ) Order number: ?????????Processed by PayPal

Estimated delivery Monday, Jun 29, 2020 - Wednesday, Jul 22,2020

20S 60V 60A Lifepo4 Battery BMS W/Balance WaterproofProtection

Item price            USD36.98

Quantity              1

Item number       113793800015

Shipping service                StandardSpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

Sales order

Sold by squaretradeus ( 553444 ) Order number:24-05211-07170 Processed by PayPal

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