>From my admittedly limited experience, most electronic devices you buy from 
Chinese sellers are cheap and poorly documented.  If you get instructions, 
they'll usually be in "Chinglish" and confusing at best.  

IMO, those gadgets are iffy enough for people who know what they're doing.  
I'm an electronics hacker, not an engineer.  I don't have the background to 
work safely with undocumented alien electronics.  

You can often get the same junk on Ebay and Amazon from US sellers who've 
written up better documentation.  (Or maybe they haven't.  Read the 
reviews.)  Some of them even test them to weed out the QC failures.  (Often 
with directly imported Chinese stuff, YOU are the QC.)

You pay more for the documented items, but maybe not more than you'd pay if 
you had to order one or five replacements after letting the smoke out.

As for me, I don't mess with assembling lithium batteries.  I don't trust 
myself with something that can burn my house down if I get it wrong. 
Instead, I buy my lithium batteries (what few I use) as complete configured 
units already assembled with BMS, from people and manufacturers who I'm 
prettty sure know what they're doing.  I try to maximize my chance at 
success by reading the online reviews and comments in places like Endless 

That's what led me to Ping Battery several years ago.  They cost a lot more 
than doing it myself, or even the anonymous duct tape batteries on Ebay, but 
when they arrived I plugged in the BMSes (following the clear instructions), 
charged them, and put them to work.  The batteries have held up well, though 
the chargers haven't. 

As always, YMMV.  Good luck.  Don't charge it in the house or garage.

David Roden, EVDL moderator & general lackey

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