On 6/25/20 11:35 AM, Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:
Here is the response from the seller on eBay. Confuses seller with manufacturer.

hi sir, you bought 20s bms , it has two cable , you only as my board port to 
connect it,. for you said item # 113793800015 , i suggest you ask that seller 
how to wiring it , We only sell protection boards, as long as there is no 
problem with the wiring method, the product has no quality problems.

I suggest you ask a more professional friend to solve the problem for you.

you can take photo , i help you ask my supplier whether can use it.

so sorry again for you.
best regards

China is dominating world commerce. Those without chinese language skill are at a disadvantage. OTOH, a market opportunity exists for those with China skill and want provide service for vetting and documenting chinese products.
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