I got my cells from Cor for about 2 dollars a piece. Two strings of 20 is forty 
cells. 80 bucks. 36 for the BMS and 27 for the charger and my time and 
soldering/wires. Not much for a 5ah 60v pack. Since Covid I have plenty of 
time. Gotta get a hot glue gun. Turns out there is a reason they use the same 
diagram for my BMS for all the models.  Turns out to save money they used a 16 
and a five pin flat cable. I should have counted the pins and it would have 
made sense. I was over thinking it not knowing they used two cables to save 
money.  Probably have millions of 16 and 5 pin cables. Not many 21 pin 
connectors thus my confusion.  Duh.  Should have counted first and not just 
looked at the two cables thinking of some exotic connection. It will be a very 
simple construction. BTW the Daly company is very big. Plenty of YouTubers have 
explained the unit in it's different voltages. Very robust for the money.   
Lawrence Rhodes

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On 25 Jun 2020 at 16:35, Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:

> So buyer beware. Documentation not included.

Yeah, that costs extra. 

If you want instructions for this cheap stuff, you buy the same cheap stuff 
from an importer  in the West.  If you've chosen well, the seller will have 
written up reasonably clear instructions.  He'll mark up the product to pay 
himself for his time.  Wouldn't you?

If you're REALLY lucky, maybe he'll even let you call or email with 
questions.  That might cost still more, heaven forbid.

Sometimes you can find somebody in a web forum who's figured one of these 
direct-from-the-sweatshop cheapies out.  The time to look for that is BEFORE 
you buy.  And then you may or may not be able to get the same gadget the 
online guy documented.  Turnover of these Chinese manufacturers can be 
quick, and the regularly re-engineer them to make them cheaper and more 
profitable to build.

All this messing around takes time.  How much is your time worth?  Did you 
save enough on the BMS's price to pay for that time?  

David Roden, EVDL moderator & general lackey

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