We have a  news roundup of Plone news which appears on plone.org the
first of each month called "This Month in Plone."  Check it out on the
front page of plone.org.  It currently includes articles pulled from
plone.org news releases, upcoming events, information on upcoming and
new software releases, along with interviews and articles which are
written specifically for this venue.  We also feature new sites which
have been rolled out by Plone companies.

We are looking to ramp this up as more of a news/marketing tool for
Plone.  Adding reviews of products and themes would be an interesting
direction to take this, and your reviews would have the advantage of
the traffic and visibility which Plone.org provides.

I'd be very happy to offer you this forum as a place for your
articles.  I also invite anyone else on the Evangelism list with ideas
for news, Plone websites to feature, events which impact the Plone
community, and particularly articles or reviews of interest to our
readers to submit them for consideration to plonen...@gmail.com

One of the items we'll be working on at next week's Marketing Sprint
at the Penn State Symposium is a set of writers' guidelines for the

Send us your story ideas or stories so we can share them with the
community and the public at large.


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On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 5:50 PM, David Bain <david.b...@alteroo.com> wrote:
> I propose a Plone Magazine (And I'm willing to write the first two
> articles). This sounds a bit "out there" but this is how it works.
> It would be the online Magazine of the Plone community (think
> alistapart.com) but for Plone.
> There would be two articles every two weeks by community writers.
> The goal would be primarily to review useful Plone Add-ons and themes.
> Imagine content like this:
> "In this issue We review the "Green Community" Theme and we take the
> "CacheSetup" product for a spin."
> At the end of each review each product is rated based on a few things such as:
> * uninstalls cleanly
> * can be fully configured via site setup configlets
> A theme is assessed with criteria such as:
> * theme implemented on the login form
> * clean layout for the control panel etc...
> The site could be sponsored by various Plone consultancies and
> (similar to World Plone Day), contribution to the site could be
> considered as a way to get your logo on the site.
> This could also become the prototype for "copy cat" magazines that
> might want to use the same format but address different topics.
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