Hi evangelists list,
unfortunately I cannot join at sorrento nor at Penn State personally  
to the marketing activities.

I would be pleased to join remote to take things further.


Since budapest no really significant move is visible (maybe invisible  
for me - so sorry if I am to much in a hurry). The project at  
coactivate.org seems tombstone dead, there is a move necessary to use  
state of the art technologies to improve our productivity.

The marketing mailing list ist still dead for a long time too. If you  
want to join you get no responses. No move since cologne. Even an  
interims-list at coactivate.org is not active. We do not need any  
"under construction messages".

Please do not try to integrate these task into any existing platform.  
(plone.org, etc.)

Infrastructure Wanted!

We need nicely designed and easy to use branding asset management,  
marketing material asset management! A mailing list is not enough.  
Please use in any case an independent instance of Plone that is proper  
setup for collaboration and accessible via WebDAV and configured with  
versioning available and blogging style content and twitter/rss feeds.

If you need it, I will host this initially supposed to be low traffic  
instance on our server and provide the maintainance/backups until the  
foundation has a different solution! Concept of the install and  
configuration should be done in an initial IRC session and trailing  
mail thread.

No matter if it is Plone 3 or 4. Lets make a quick decision. We can  
migrate later if there are no nonsense content types!

Lets jumpstart it immediately prior to the sprints and spread the  
invitation to former interested people aka the list on coactivate.

Poor Examples

We have so much stuck in the pipe. Lets drill holes in the pressure  
tank! But preserve a pool to prevent the treasures from the drain first!

One example: Today i recognized Plone in a poular Top100 OpenSource  
list at a cool 26th position. The logo there was so poor old and bad  
quality, that I posted a suggestion to change the old device against  
the current vertical version. I could only post a link to the  
ressource to get the logo for them.

What happened:

        *       No vertical version visible at Plone.org
        *       The logo guidelines are still PDF only.
        *       The downloadable logo-pack contains no vertical version.

So I grabbed the vertical version from the PDF and created a quick PNG  
for web use and placed it at coactivate.org marked as temporarily  
solution. (very poor but better than nothing)

Another example: The logo guideline is lacking a proper vector based  
version of the Plone cologne sprint logo. The one in the PDF is jaggy.
I provided a revised version including proper version information in  
print and added metadata. The old one ist still online.

The information that I am willing to contribute in marketing efforts I  
put into the channels several month ago. Nothing really happened to  
improve the process.

You may become tired if you see the (in my opinion) slower than  
possible progress since 2004.

Organize it!

The goal for the leader teams around the foundation is not to DO the  
job but to ORGANIZE and coordinate this!
If there are whitepapers to conference or sprint on you must have a  
chance to read them before the sprints start and prepare your  
tasks.The Sprints list is sleeping until now, no activity at the irc  
channel too (normal).

We sell collaboration tools and are not able to use them? Not really,  
I am joking!


Hope this is improving now... ;-) Sorry for this coarse kick in the  
only possible direction...


On 18th May 2010 at 04:07 Mark A Corum wrote:

> David,
> We have a  news roundup of Plone news which appears on plone.org the
> first of each month called "This Month in Plone."  Check it out on the
> front page of plone.org.  It currently includes articles pulled from
> plone.org news releases, upcoming events, information on upcoming and
> new software releases, along with interviews and articles which are
> written specifically for this venue.  We also feature new sites which
> have been rolled out by Plone companies.
> We are looking to ramp this up as more of a news/marketing tool for
> Plone.  Adding reviews of products and themes would be an interesting
> direction to take this, and your reviews would have the advantage of
> the traffic and visibility which Plone.org provides.
> I'd be very happy to offer you this forum as a place for your
> articles.  I also invite anyone else on the Evangelism list with ideas
> for news, Plone websites to feature, events which impact the Plone
> community, and particularly articles or reviews of interest to our
> readers to submit them for consideration to plonen...@gmail.com
> One of the items we'll be working on at next week's Marketing Sprint
> at the Penn State Symposium is a set of writers' guidelines for the
> publication.
> Send us your story ideas or stories so we can share them with the
> community and the public at large.
> Mark
> Mark A Corum
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