Stroß-Radschinski Armin C. wrote:
> Hi evangelists list,
> unfortunately I cannot join at sorrento nor at Penn State personally  
> to the marketing activities.
> I would be pleased to join remote to take things further.


Thank you a lot to sending your thoughts about improving marketing and

Certainly there is a lot stuff to do on these topic and every new idea
or initiative helps a lot.

 From my personal point of view, i believe Plone is in good shape 
because a Marketing Plan is being executed. Mark Corum is making an 
awesome job
defining and leading it and we've to be a little bit patient because it
is a process and as every process, it takes time and a lot of effort.
The good news is many points you mention are being on included or 
planned already.

Regarding some of your points in particular. Afaik marketing mailing 
list is not working anymore, we're using evangelism instead. Regarding 
poor examples, i think it is a good idea to identify places like you did 
and we should just do them, so if you know any other one or need help 
for the particular case you mention, just let us know.

It is a pity you can't come to Sorrento nor Penn, there will be
good opportunities to work on these topics. Anyway, I not going neither 
because i live too far away, but after wpd i'm focusing on 
local/regional promotion organizing a Plone Symposium on November, btw 
you're invited to come: :)

Be prepared, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of opportunities to
contribute on this area in short term. Just keep in touch!

Kind Regards


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