hi folks,
heres what I'm trying to achieve

say, I have an object that consists of 3 different objects all linked
up using event listeners

now, I want to have 300 of them and display but only 50 of them active

so now this is the part where it would be cool to plug in your Event

what I would like to do is disable event listeners for remaining 250
objects and just toggle them on and off whenever needed

how can i achieve this?

I cant just remove cluster events because I don't see a way to neatly
add them back in

how does the pause functionality works? does it temporarily remove
event listeners and then when i resume it just remembers where it
should add what event listener?

I havent got the time to poke around with your class yet but it looks
very promising...

how would you do what I wanted to achieve here?
can you mock up a quick little example?




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