Hey Rob great question,
i've been bad on documenting the latest updates.

Basically this is the work flow give your 250 events the same cluster id or
one that you can easily find with a regexp expression

There isn't an explisit pause but something kind of cool a bit hidden when
you remove it returns to you all of the events in an array that where
removed its actually the blueprint to turn them back on as well

so when you call

var a:Array = lec.rem(/group2/); //remove all events with the string

//i saved all the events in an array so there still in memory if you
wouldn't they would automaticly get removed from memory as there isn't
anything linking up to it

now when you are ready to reactivate:


that will behind the hood run through the array and add them back in.

so its kind of a pause just without really calling it pause its giving you
more control as you can pause many things and then reactivate them together
or separately as it just depends on how many buckets you create and you have
less of a chance to create a memory leak as if you don't save the array and
there are no references to the item them would self destruct.

let me know if this helped.



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On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 5:11 PM, akrobata79 <robertfiedor...@gmail.com>wrote:

> hi folks,
> heres what I'm trying to achieve
> say, I have an object that consists of 3 different objects all linked
> up using event listeners
> now, I want to have 300 of them and display but only 50 of them active
> so now this is the part where it would be cool to plug in your Event
> OCntroller
> what I would like to do is disable event listeners for remaining 250
> objects and just toggle them on and off whenever needed
> how can i achieve this?
> I cant just remove cluster events because I don't see a way to neatly
> add them back in
> how does the pause functionality works? does it temporarily remove
> event listeners and then when i resume it just remembers where it
> should add what event listener?
> I havent got the time to poke around with your class yet but it looks
> very promising...
> how would you do what I wanted to achieve here?
> can you mock up a quick little example?
> thanks!
> Rob
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