actually I'm still trying to get a feel for how many events i can have at
one time,
I'm developing this aplication that has 300 custom made checkboxes (each
checkbox is a MVC triad, and  both V & C have event listeners listening for
CHANGE events, and in addition to that the V has some mouse events)

those 300 checkboxes are split into 6 panels, each panel has 50 of
those checkboxes
you can see only one of those panels at the time, rest of them are covered
by a solid sprite

there are arrows on top that enable you to go from one panel to another (so
with each move I'm moving all of those 300 elements via Tweenlite), this way
you move from one panel to another and are able to select check boxes form
the active panel that you can see at the moment

everything was fine untill i tried to run it on an older laptop (but not
that old, stil does the job)

and I noticed a big performance drop

of course this can be due to many reasons
might as well be the fact that 300 of those objects being shifted by 400
pixels is just too much by itself
(so in this case I would have to either before using tweenlite convert the
panelHolder into a bitmap and move that bitmap then after the animation is
done swap it with final position of the panels)

but i decided see if maybe switching the events off for the duration of
animation will do the trick
and your framework certainly would fit in nicely here...

what do you recommend?
nontheless I have big plans for teh eventcontroller framework and plan to
use it in my next projects :)
brilliant stuff
(oh and thanks for being so helpful, this internet thing is amazing,
everyway you turn people WANT to help you, from one forum to another,
this really blows my mind ;)

On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 5:44 PM, Ben Fhala <> wrote:

> Hey Robert,
> yea i don't know you will probably need to try and find out how much would
> it help.
> follow up question to your comment what type of events are you working with
> is it ENTER_FRAME or something that is very heavy on the system?
> as 250 events are not that much flash should be able to deal with it unless
> its happening all the time. so might not be an issue with the events at all
> might be a visual rendering issue or something like that
> would love to hear more.
> Best,
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