Yea who ever invented the internet is a rock star ;)
its odd that its making you issues but it might be just because its the
built in components there overly complex here is what i would do

1. i would use my eventctonroller - well because i made it - ;) i don't know
how much its goign to help in this case my lec is really about making it
easier to not get into memory leaks i didn't really care or focus to much
about making it memory optimized one day but the real goal was to create a
really easy to user interface that gave you more control then you have
without it so probably eventCntroller is a bad name it should be

2. try actually removing them from the stage - see if that helps it should

3. try to destroy them when there not used and make them each time.

4. if none of the above work i would think about making your own checkbox
and not as part of the built in components that is if this is critical as
you have more control and you can make a more minimal combo that doesn't
have all the bells the component has.

the thing with Event.CHANGE its not that heavy on memory its only dispatched
when it changes so it shouldn't be hitting you so bad
p.s check to see your memory usage and memory usage over time and see how
these changes effect that as it sounds like its down to cutting down the
memory flash needs to operate and to do that you just need to have less
going on (less saved in memory)

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