On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 1:12 AM, Rich Sands <r...@rsandsconsulting.com> wrote:
> List(s),
> Spoke with Gabor today about materials for FOSDEM. Here is what we propose:
> *  1000 full color postcards with a call to action to Explore Perl 
> Innovation. Primary graphic - the onion logo and www.perl.org. $60 for one 
> side color, back side greyscale. Additional info on the
>    card:
>     - One line descriptions with URLs of hot projects: Moose, Catalyst, 
> Padre, plus platform initiatives Perl 6 and Rakudo.
>     - A calendar of Perl Europe events for 2010 with URLs for more 
> information.
> *  1000 Round Tuit wooden nickel give-aways with "Programming Republic of" 
> wrapped around the top, the onion logo, Perl, with 2010 in the center, and 
> www.perl.org wrapped around the
>    bottom on one side and "TUIT" in a circle on the other side. Cost $142.

Thinking about this in since we talked:

My gut feeling is that we won't give away all the 1000 round tuits so
we will have left over for other events but buying volume will reduce
the price so I'd buy that.

On the other hand we might need more than 1000 postcards. We can have
3 strategies to give them away. I am not sure which one you think
might be appropriate to FOSDEM

1) on the first day at the entrance we give a postcard to many people
with an invitation - see you at the Perl stand

2) Give postcards to the Perl mongers who are there and who can give
away these postcards while walking around and talking to people.

3) Go in the main conference room before the talks or during a break
and put a postcard on every second or third seat.

4) Have the postcards at the Perl stand only and give it to people who
are interested

Regarding tuits - I would give them only to people I talked to and
asked them to do something in a perl projects.  On a second thought.
Is the whole idea of "round tuits" universal in the FOSS community or
is it some perl community thing? Will people "get" the idea?


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