Spoke with Gabor today about materials for FOSDEM. Here is what we propose:

*  1000 full color postcards with a call to action to Explore Perl Innovation. 
Primary graphic - the onion logo and $60 for one side color, back 
side greyscale. Additional info on the 
     - One line descriptions with URLs of hot projects: Moose, Catalyst, Padre, 
plus platform initiatives Perl 6 and Rakudo.
     - A calendar of Perl Europe events for 2010 with URLs for more information.

*  1000 Round Tuit wooden nickel give-aways with "Programming Republic of" 
wrapped around the top, the onion logo, Perl, with 2010 in the center, and wrapped around the 
    bottom on one side and "TUIT" in a circle on the other side. Cost $142.

*  In addition, a reusable Perl banner and stand, a table drape that fits the 
FOSDEM tables, and a table-front banner. Total cost for these: approx $110.

I will also have to spend some $ shipping this stuff. Vistaprint can ship 
directly to a Belgium address, which will greatly lower the cost and speed 
things up as well. The round tuits will require additional shipping, and not 
sure how much a box of 1000 will weigh. Total shipping will probably add up to 
about $125 if not a rush shipment. It appears that there is no duty on these 
items as they have no commercial value but that may be incorrect.

Give-aways:             $202.00
Banners/drape:  $110.00
Shipping:               $125.00
Total:                  $437.00

All of this created and shipped to Belgium in time for the show will require 
quick action. Here is what I need:

1) A high-quality graphic file of the Perl onion logo. I am emailing under separate cover to obtain this but if anyone 
on this list can expedite that would be helpful.
2) Calendar of European events. *** Gabor will supply
3) Full list of hot Perl projects to inspire developers. The ones above plus? 
*** list?
4) How to pay for this stuff. *** Karen? Ovid? Does the reusable banner come 
out of a different pot of $? I am willing to front the cost if I will be 
reimbursed quickly.
5) RELIABLE address in Brussels to ship to. *** Gabor?

I NEED THIS INFO IN THE NEXT 3 DAYS! Please respond to this email quickly if 
you have the relevant info. THANKS!



It is too late to prepare a new CD image, test it,  and get it reproduced for 
FOSDEM. Might be able to do that for later events. Gabor and I talked about 
what kind of stuff might go on such a CD:
     - a LiveCD environment that you could boot into or could run in a virtual 
     - several interesting large-scale projects written in Perl that 
demonstrate the power of the platform. Gabor suggested Bricolage 
( as an example.
     - info and/or binaries for non-Linux Perl implementations such as 
Strawberry Perl.
     - resources, documentation, community stuff, etc.
     - ??? more material, with the objective to get developers to think "wow - 
I didn't know Perl could do THAT! I need to understand this better." and with 
calls to action to foster such understanding.
     - packaging: plain envelope. Could also be printed with the Perl onion and

These would cost about $1.25 apiece for 250 of them if sourced in the U.S., and 
would likely be subject to substantial import duty if sent to Europe. Best to 
source them in the E.U. if they're going to be used in Europe, and in the U.S. 
if to be used in North America. Perhaps split the order if they're approved. 
This would require additional $ of course.


        --  rms

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