On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 02:53:56PM +0200, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> 20 February, Fifth Russian Perl Workshop, Ekaterinburg, Russian
> Federation,  http://yapcrussia.org/
> 5 March, Dutch Perl Workshop, Arnhem, Netherlands , 
> http://www.perlworkshop.nl/
> 5-6, March, Perl 6 Hackathon in Copenhagen.
> 7-9 June, German Perl Workshop, Schorndorf, Germany,
> http://www.perl-workshop.de/
> August, YAPC::EU, Pisa, Italy, http://conferences.yapceurope.org/ye2010/
> 18 December, "Saint Perl - 2" - Russian Perl workshop,  Saint
> Petersburg, Russian Federation. http://yapcrussia.org

The previous "Saint Perl" happened on Dec 18, 2009. I couldn't find
any information about Saint Perl 2 on yapcrussia.

> - YAPC::EU does not have exact dates yet.
> - For the following 3 this is all the information I could find/get:
> "Ukrainian Perl workshop + YAPC::Russia", http://yapcrussia.org
> French Perl Workshop,
> Portuguese Perl Workshop,

January 30, Bulgarian Perl Workshop (BG Perl 2), Sofia, Bulgaria, 
February 6, Frozen Perl, Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A, 
April 10-12, Perl QA Hackathon, Vienna, Austria, no web site yet
June 4-5, Portuguese Perl Workshop, Porto, Portugal, 

There will be a French Perl Workshop, most probably in Paris, but we
don't know the date and location yet.

 Philippe Bruhat (BooK)

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