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> > yes I will also suggest to do 'recruiting material' simply because
> > a lot of Linux (OOo-users) will be there, they might already know
> > the suite, but getting them exciting about participating in the
> > community might go a step further.

Hi James,
From recent experience, I agree with Alexandro here.  You have at a 
Linux conference a range of "client groups".

End Users who need help with the use of the product.  The sort of 
collateral they may need is a CD with the latest manuals on board and 
perhaps some Flash tutorials 

Potential marketing people who could use material to be able to help 
push the case for FLOSS with their constituents.  We have, in Linux 
Users, a pool of people who will evangelise on the Operating System or 
their particular Distro.  We need to convince these people that it's 
the applications that are important to Simple End Users and provide 
them with the "Gateway Drugs" to feed to Windows users so that they can 
open the way for easy eventual Migration. It's not our goal to get 
people to migrate to Linux, but it is the goal of the group we are 
dealing with here.  Copies of the OpenCD for instance, CD 's with 
Marketing materials

New Developers.  Have CD's of the source code available and whatever 
other coding tools that developers need.  (Not my field so it would be 
better to get advice from someone more in the know on the Development 
side).  Give them the CD and say "Here install this, find an itch on 
issuetracker and scratch it!"   

Make sure that on all the CDs you put an html file with links to any 
websites you consider useful to the particular client group. Obviously 
it should include mailing lists.  

and lastly curious Windows Users also attend events such as this.  More 
often than not they will be High End Users that control a network or a 
number of installations.  OpenCD and manuals, links to support 
including StarOffice support are what this group will find most useful. 

And as Jean noted books and written materials

> I would agree here, I always wondered why we target Linux
> conferences, when what we should be doing is going to the windows
> ones :-D , but seriously what are the chances of attending something
> that is more targeted toward windows users, is there such a thing.

Definite +1.  Someone find me a MS sales conf.  :)

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