James Higgo wrote:

>Bruno, you are simply making assumptions which I consider unwarranted.
>Belgium is one such assumption. Your intellect is a number-construction as
>much as numbers are a construct of your intellect.

I was *not* assuming Belgium. Perhaps it will be time to make our
assumptions more transparent.

>I consistently argue that asking why
>rare things are rare is failing to understand anthropic reasoning.

But the problem is that white rabbits are NOT rare. We *see* them rarely,
because 1) with QM most are destroyed by interference with "minus white
rabbits"; 2) with George's plenitude they are rare because of 
(but this remain to be explained ...);
3) with comp, I have (just) isolated the mathematical framework
for showing they are also destroyed by interference (and that is linked 
deriving QM from comp).


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