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> > >need to apply the self sampling assumption, namely
> > >that we expect to find ourselves in an anthropic
> > >principle consistent history that is nearly 
> > >maximal in its measure.
>     I was surprised to see this because here RS uses
> the SSA in a way that cuts across different "people",
> i.e. he uses the ASSA.  If he believes the ASSA then
> by self consistency he should not believe the

Jacques, it would help if you referenced the paper by title, so people
could see the context. Even to say "The Multiverse paper" would be

Now, nowhere in this paper, nor in any other, do I discuss the ASSA vs
RSSA business. Both are types of SSAs. For third person events both
ASSA and RSSA are equivalent, and all I discuss in this paper are
third person events. I use the term SSA advisedly.

I would say, dear fellow, that this time you are hoisted!

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