--- Russell Standish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As has been previously mentioned, the RSSA is simply
> measure conditional upon the observer being who
> it/he/she is.

> >     The "RSSA values" can't be used because there
> > isn't any way to compare *different* observers in
> > the RSSA.
> I would not be so sure about this!

    See the first quote.  How do you reconcile that?

> >     BTW, don't think that just because we're
> > discussing on this thread, you're off the hook
> > with respect to my point on the other thread that
> > Bayesian reasoning is the same as the ASSA.
> What rot! Bayesian reasoning underpins both systems.
> The real difference between them is whether one
> accepts the concept of history.

    The real difference is that you refuse, by some
trick of doublethink, to apply Bayesian reasoning to
age and across different observers.

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