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Stephen Paul King wrote:

> [SPK]
>     It is trivial to show that TM's can not give rise to consciousness for the simple
> reason that consciousness is not "pre-specifiable" in its behaviour. Have you read
> Peter Wegner's papers about this?

I just got the paper.... I think I agree with what it says reading the abstract... I 
a few days to read the whole thing.

> > I have  reached almost the same conclusion, that our consciousness come about from
> > an ensemble of more or less identical "points" or states in the plenitude and the
> > "thickness" of this ensemble is a measure of  the Heisenberg uncertainty. The
> > difference is that you call them "computation." I view them more as instantaneous
> > static entities which are logically connected to each other. Maybe we could
> > resolve this issue by saying that I focus on the points of the graph and you, on
> > the links :-)
> [SPK]
>     Could you elaborate on the nature of this "logical connection?"

As Bruno pointed out, this logical connection is is actually an ensemble of connections
which are all consistent with the current state of the consciousness (machine). I am
speculating that the size of the ensemble corresponds at the physical level to Planck's
constant and at the logical level to the degree of incompleteness associated with the 
of axioms or laws driving this consciousness or machine.


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