Charles Goodwin wrote (to Fred Chen):

>The term 'laws of physics' is shorthand for whatever rules the universe 
>operates by on the most fundamental scale.
> [...]

This has meaning if we take for granted that the term "the universe"
denotes something. 
What if the most fundamental scale is just number theory, and what if
the "universe" is just an extrapolation of virtual machines sharing some
deep computations. I think I agree with Fred Chen that it is hard,
when we tackle fundamental questions, to take an expression like
"the laws of physics" or "the universe" for granted.

You know that I say physics is a branch of machine psychology, where
psychology is just the self-reference logics. This give a model
where the expression "the most fundamental scale" has no more
a priori relationship with any *empirical* laws.

The most fundamental scale, with the comp hyp., is given by the
relations pertaining on numbers: O, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...
All the rest are "machine's view points".


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