Joel, let's clarify our positions:

> To be clear, I envision just one universe that contains everything.
> it may be many worlds or sub-worlds, but these are not independent.  They
> interact.

If two worlds within this everything are contradictory or not consistent
with each other, with no common ground, how exactly do they interact? I feel
two such worlds must be independent entities within the set. This is
different from the case of universes which may be linked by wormholes or MWI
splittings or whatever.

> Furthermore, I imagine there is a single program that runs the whole
> universe, and that we can know that program exactly.
> I'm not sure what Godel is doing here.

I imagine all possible programs for all possible universes. If there were a
single program running the whole show, I would ask, why that program?

As I mentioned in my reply to scerir, we can't avoid self-referential
problems, however, if we try to represent or describe ourselves.

> > Adopting that perspective, we should be able to justify that a
> > simulation of our universe does not appear overly fine-tuned. At
> > least that would suit my aesthetic tastes.
> As in fine-tuned to support life, etc.?  No, I don't see any necessity in
> that either.  Where there is life, there is life.  That's enough for me!
> Joel

True, there is no necessity in avoiding fine-tuning. It just makes the model
more compelling in my opinion.


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