> > Let us take the realist approach and focus on the things we can actually
> > compute fully.
> > Joel

> Godel's theorem prevents us from simulating all aspects of our
> universe.
> Fred

Is that true? 

Goedel's argument does not prove the existence of absolutely
unprovable (arithmetical) truths. 

Its conclusion is relative to some first-order axiom system 
(of elementary arithmetic), and proves only that there is a true 
proposition unprovable in that system. 

But there are plenty of other systems in wich that proposition 
is provable (mechanically too).

The existence of a proposition unprovable in a given system
requires, also, that the system is consistent. But how is a
computer supposed to know that?

Does the universe know Goedel's theorems?

- Scerir 

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