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>Normally we do not know the true conditional probability
>distribution p(next event | past). But assume we do know that
>p is in some set P of distributions.

As I posted earlier my issue with this is how does one know p is in P 
unless one can compute p, i.e. check it?

While I allow for such computable universes to exist [type 1] so too will 
non computable universes - those subject to true noise - exist [type 
2].  Why? -> The Everything can not contain just type 1 or type 2 universes 
since this is itself a selection i.e. information.  Since the Everything 
can not contain any selection then all universes must be subject to true 
noise if any are.  A way to resolve this apparent difficulty is a 
bidirectional flow between the two types of universes.  A proper dose of 
true noise will convert type 2 into type 1 and the  the need to eliminate 
selection which is the dominant dynamic driver of the Everything - will of 
necessity convert type 1 into type 2.


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