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> Bill Jefferys wrote:
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> > >At 2:25 PM +0100 3/26/02, Juergen Schmidhuber wrote:
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> > >But unfortunately the anthropic principle does not have any
> > >predictive power. It does NOT predict there won't be any flying
> > >rabbits tomorrow.
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> > But Hoyle did use the AP to predict specific facts about nuclear
> > energy levels, which were subsequently found to be true. So your
> > first statement isn't correct, IMO.
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> > Bill
> The anthropic principle only says that the conditional probability 
> of finding yourself in a universe compatible with your existence 
> equals 1. So all the AP predicts is that our universe will remain
> compatible with our existence. This is trivial. 
> You are claiming the AP necessarily implies a specific fact about 
> nuclear energy levels? I greatly doubt that - can you give a proof? 

This example is very well known (tought to all honours astrophysics
students), and is described in Barrow & Tipler's book for example. I
think Tegmark talks about it in his paper as well.

There are a host of other examples as well, described in the above
works, but the Hoyle example is the best known.

> Even if you could: there are many possible continuations of our 
> universe that do allow for our continued existence and in which the  
> energy levels are as they are now and in which flying rabbits do 
> occur. My point is that the AP cannot explain at all why they 
> should not occur (as long as they don't kill us).

The AP alone doesn't do it, but necessary constraints on observer
properties do. It is not necessary for us to live in a virtual reality
(ie algorithmically generated reality) in order to see higher
probability given to algorithmic descriptions of observed reality.

> But the theory of universal inductive inference can:
> http://www.idsia.ch/~juergen/unilearn.html
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