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A possibly related question. Given your definition of events and OMs, does it not seem that they complement each other, assuming that events have more quatities associated, such as 4-momentum-energy?



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This is not to say that progress is impossible. Consider an idea
like Aditya has:  what is the real difference between an event
and an observer-moment?  In trying to answer that question, many
of us may learn something (at least for our own purposes).

Err, an event is a particular set of coordinates (t,x,y,z) in 4D
spacetime. This is how it is used in GR, anyway.

An observer moment is a set of constraints, or equivalently
information known about the world (obviously at a moment of time). It
corresponds the the "state" vector \psi of quantum mechanics.

Perhaps you have different definitions of these terms, but it seems
like chalk and cheese to me.


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